An Arab, a Jew, and a Truck

Can a moving truck carry hope and bring peace to the Middle East? It happened in the Bronx rather than in the land of Canaan.

A story of a religious odd couple forced by circumstances to live together but become friends and business partners by choice. Ali, a devout Palestinian Muslim and David, an American Orthodox Jew, learn to share a kosher kitchen and recognize the similarities rather than the differences between them.

Their business, An Arab, A Jew and A Truck, leads to entertaining and engaging situations and encounters that highlight current ethnic, religious, and political ironies. The emergence of a mystical character leaves the reader wondering whether the Bronx could be the place where the children of Abraham might begin a process of peace and reconciliation.

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The Kosher-Halal Food Truck described by the Washington Post as the "Peace Truck" is the first planned collaboration under the new non-profit foundation "Arab-Jewish Truck to Peace." This prototype, which is under development, will be duplicated in other US cities and ultimately in Israel and the West Bank. Please come aboard our vehicle to peace and contribute to our initiatives (click on button above to donate)

Moving is our specialty! We've been doing it for centuries!

Praise for the Book

“Brilliant story, when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.”
Gloria Miklowitz, Award Winning Author.

“An exciting plot full of intrigue, romance, and unforgettable characters. An Arab, A Jew, and A Truck is a must read, good for all ages.”
Libby Traubman, Co-Founder, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue

New Foundation

The success story in the book has motivated the author and his wife, Lynn Skynear, to form a non-profit foundation named, Arab-Jewish Truck To Peace, that will carry and spread the message of hope Ali and David started. The Foundation aims at expanding friendship and understanding between Arabs (Muslims and Christians) and Jews through encouraging and sponsoring collaboration among Jewish and Arab artists, writers, actors, and, in particular, young entrepreneurs.

The Foundation’s goal is to work with and complement the efforts of other organizations that are dedicated to interfaith understanding and to bringing peace to the Holy land.